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  • Solar Panel Wattage: 18Volt / 10Watts.
  • Battery Capacity: 12V/7.5AH Rechargeable Lead-acid Battery.
  • DC Charging Time:10-12Hours, Solar Charging Time: 10-12Hours.
  • 1 bulb : 24hours, 2 bulb : 12hours, 3 bulb : 8.5hours, 4 bulb : 6hours, MP3/FM upto 17 hours.
  • USB Charge out for Charging the Mobile Devices.
  • MP3 Player with USB/TF Card, LED Display for MP3/FM radio.
  • FM Radio Function, Telescopic Antenna.
  • LCD Digital Display for Power and Usage.

Sanford Solar Multi Functional Home System

VAT Included
  • High lights

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