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Rechargeable Lead-acid Battery.
DC input: DC 6.0V/I=0.25A, Solar input:- 6?12V/I=0.25A

Battery Capacity: 4V/1500mAh.
Rated Output: 0.8W/1.6W, 16pcs SMD LED.
Working Time: 8pcs LED Working 9hrs,16pcs LED.
Working 4hrs, Charging Time: DC & Solar 6hrs.
Switch Mode: OFF, Low Bright & High Bright.
No. of Switching Cycle: 10000 times.
Rated Temperature: 7000-9000K.
Rated Life Time: 10000h

SF2732EL Sanford Rechargeable Emergency Lantern 16Pcs LED

VAT Included
  • High lights

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